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Belmont Dentist Shares Benefits of Dental Implants & Oral Cosmetic Surgery

Losing a tooth might not seem like a big deal if it has never happened to you but this can actually be a very devastating scenario for many people. Losing a tooth can affect how a person feels about their appearance but it can also affect the way a person’s jaw and muscles function. Overall health and oral health can also be greatly affected. Luckily dental implants can be utilized with the help of a cosmetic dentist. Dental implants are attached to the gums through the jaw bone using titanium posts. This is done via a very commonly used oral surgery procedure that is very safe and affordable. Once the posts are surgically installed, a porcelain crown is then affixed to the post. This repairs the smile and helps a person function again.

Benefits of Dental Implants and Oral Surgery
Whether a patient is missing one tooth or more, a cosmetic dentist can use this process to restore a healthy smile and a healthy bite. This process addresses the root of the tooth, the surface area of the tooth and the jaw. When you lose a tooth and you do not have it repaired in a timely manner, your jaw will begin to break down and the muscles around it will begin to deteriorate. Losing more and more teeth over time can alter the way a person looks as the jaw area of the face will appear very sunken in and drawn.

The Process of Implant Surgery
When you lose a tooth you should almost immediately call a trusted dentist or oral surgeon in your area. Your first consultation will determine what needs to be done. From there you will have the procedure that places the implant into your jawbone. Before you receive your new tooth, the gum line will need to have time to heal and the implant fuses together with the jaw at this point. When the implant is attached after a couple of weeks, the product will be inspected to make sure it fits properly, the color matches and the shape is proper. The process is not entirely complete until the patient is happy with how everything looks as well as how it feels.

If you are interested in learning more about the procedure of a dental implant, you can contact your current dentist or an oral surgeon in your area. A reputable and trustworthy professional will want to help you look your best and feel great again.


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