dental crown aftercare

Dental Crown Aftercare

A dental crown is placed on top of your damaged tooth to restore its original look and function. Crowns are made to blend with your natural teeth, allowing you to continue your eating, drinking, and brushing regimens as usual. However, just because your dental crown does not have an affect on your regular routine, does not mean that you can forget about caring for it! If you neglect to follow proper dental crown aftercare, your new crown may not be as permanent, or as high-functioning, as it is meant to be.

To prevent any damage to your crown, you need to brush twice, and floss once, every day, with ADA approved products, just as you do with the rest of your natural teeth. Your crown can also suffer from plaque build-up if you don’t clean it properly, which can only be fully and safely removed by a dental expert. This means it is still just as important to continue to keep up with your six-month dental visits with our team at Belmont Dental Associates after you have had a crown placed.

It is also helpful to avoid chewing hard things, like hard candies or the end of a pen or pencil, especially with tooth-colored crowns. Crowns can stain and chip just like natural teeth, and although we can sometimes fix a smaller chip while it is still placed inside your mouth, larger issues will require a full crown replacement – placing you back at square one with your treatment.

If you have any further questions about your dental crown aftercare, call our front desk at 704-825-3455 and one of our dental experts will be happy to help you! If you experience a crown emergency, like extreme sensitivity, looseness, or complete loss of your crown, make sure to come in for an appointment with us as soon as possible so we can protect your oral health!