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How smoking affects your teeth



How Smoking Affects Your Teeth

The ill effects of smoking on the human body are known far and wide. But, awareness about the harmful consequences are majorly limited to the breathing organs and the mouth. But, smoking affects almost every organ of the body, and today we would talk about the harm smoking does to our teeth, which is usually neglected by people in general but whose role in the human body is extremely important as they help in the breakdown of the food in order to be digested by the body.

  1.    Discolouration and staining of the teeth – The most visible effect of smoking on our teeth, discolouration or staining is caused due to the nicotine which is present in cigarettes which give the teeth a tar like yellow and subsequent brown coloration, which looks ugly as well as sticks to the enamel of the teeth. This means that smokers need to whiten their teeth more often, compared to non-smokers. 
  2.    Gum problems – Smoking causes significant harm to the gums as they allow bacteria and other germs to breed on the teeth surface which are attracted due to the nicotine. These germs then attack the gums and damage the tissues holding the teeth and the gum together. If left untreated, this can also lead to significant pain as well as weakening of the teeth and also the breakage of the tooth. Germs are also able to thrive on the gum and the tooth as smoking harms the immune system, which inhibits the system to fight against such germs to keep the teeth and the gums protected. 
  3.    Tooth decay – The nicotine layer which is formed due to smoking, also causes significant damage to the enamel of the tooth. The enamel is the hard protective layer of the teeth which protects the inner blood vessels of the tooth against external elements. Decayed enamel can lead to tooth pain as the blood vessels get exposed and in serious cases, can also lead to the tooth leaving the gum and breaking off. 
  4.    Taste buds and tongue – Smoking affects the taste buds as well as the tongue significantly, with the nicotine deposits on the tongue discolouring it as well as affecting the ability to taste as they affect the efficiency of the taste buds present. This in turn also leads to bad breath and poor oral health in general. 
  5.    Oral cancer – The carcinogens present in cigarettes can cause irreversible damage to the cell structure of gums and tissues in the mouth, which in many cases, leads to cancer and tumors. Various studies have shown that smokers are around six times more likely to have oral cancers compared to non-smokers

Smoking is a big threat to one’s overall health and hygiene, and this also includes one’s oral as well as dental health. Knowing about the damage caused by smoking to the teeth and the gums, as well as other body parts in general can go a long way in providing the motivation to quit smoking for once and all.

Our team at Belmont Dental Associates specialize in providing top notch dental care to patients whose teeth have been affected by smoking. We make use of the latest and the greatest in dental methods as well as technology to ensure the best treatment and care of your teeth against the ill-effects of smoking.

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