maintaining white teeth

Maintaining White Teeth After Treatment

Many of our patients’ biggest concern after coming to us for professional teeth whitening services is “how can I make sure my teeth stay this color?” We understand your concerns and we agree that maintaining white teeth after treatment is both important and valuable! Our team at Belmont Dental Associates has put together the tips and tricks you need to keep up with your desired color without having to return for treatment over and over again!

Routine Cleaning & Care

This one may seem obvious, but sticking to a daily cleaning routine is the best way to keep your smile shining. You’ve probably been told to brush and floss your teeth twice daily as far back as you can remember, and we’re here to remind you one more time that this advice really does matter! For extra protection against stubborn coffee and red wine stains, there are even toothpastes out there designed specifically to protect against teeth yellowing. Ask a member of our team for toothpaste suggestions that are best for your individual needs and oral health history.

Outside of morning and night time brushing, rinsing your teeth with water after snacking or drinking any beverages besides water, especially sodas, tea or coffee, throughout the day is the easiest way to aid your fight against tooth discoloration. If you are especially worried you can even bring a toothbrush with you to work or school so that you are able to properly clean your teeth after lunch, as well. There are plenty of travel size toothbrushes and toothpastes out there that can fit easily in any bag.

Seeking Expert Help

Keeping up with your regular 6 month dental visits with us will help your teeth get a deeper clean and keep plaque and discoloration away longer. Our dental hygienists will take careful care to polish away surface stains and scrape away plaque buildup causing a yellow hue.

Even the best caretakers and even people who do not drink coffee or soda can still see small stains return after a period of time. If you notice a change in your teeth after professional whitening services, ask one of our doctors for more information about take-home whitening kits. We will be happy to help have you fitted for a custom tray to whiten your teeth on your own from time to time. Our take-home whitening products are guaranteed to be safe and effective for your teeth.

Call our front desk today at 704-825-3455 or request your next appointment with our easy online scheduler to begin taking all steps possible in maintaining white teeth after treatment!