professional teeth whitening

Choosing Professional Teeth Whitening

Almost every patient we see has a desire to whiten and brighten their smile. That’s why we offer take-home and in-office professional teeth whitening solutions, one of our many procedures to help you along your cosmetic dentistry journey. We are well aware that there are hundreds of over the counter alternatives to professional whitening, so we’re breaking down the pros and cons for you below!

Cost and Convenience

Over the counter whitening treatments are available at almost every pharmacy and “big-box” store and tend to range in price between just $20 – $60, which can seem very appealing at first glance. However, these treatments don’t advertise that they are regulated to contain a concentration of only 3% hydrogen peroxide (a key ingredient in making your teeth shine.) This low concentration provides smaller results within longer timeframes, and can even leave you with inadequate results causing you to repeat the treatment over and over.

With the professional teeth whitening options available from Belmont Dental Associates, you can achieve the color you desire in shorter timeframes because we are able to provide solutions with a concentration of 35% or more of hydrogen peroxide! Although are prices may be slightly higher, we can promise you will not have to repeat your whitening treatment over and over.

Gum Safety with Professional Teeth Whitening

We are able to provide higher amounts of hydrogen peroxide because we take precautions to protect the soft tissue in your mouth from potential damage due to strong whitening solutions. One of our dental professionals will get you fitted with a custom mouth tray that keeps the whitening gel contained to the surface of your teeth and away from your gums. Typically, over the counter whitening strips will be made only at a generic size that may be too large to fit securely over just the surface of your teeth.

If you are interested in learning more about the professional teeth whitening solutions we offer, or would like help deciding the best method to revert your individual tooth discoloration issues, call our front desk today at 704-825-3455. You can also schedule an appointment online to easily set up your tooth whitening consultation.