teeth whitening faqs

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Sure, it’s great to have white teeth. But we also know that many of our patients worry about various teeth whitening methods having adverse effects on their oral health. We have the answers to some of our most popular teeth whitening FAQs to help reassure you of our professional teeth whitening services!


Q: Does teeth whitening cause damage to my tooth enamel?

A: Our treatments use less than 10% of active ingredients in order to protect the surface of your teeth. These levels have been proven to successfully remove stains without causing the “clear” appearance that can occur with higher amounts.


Q: Will my dental insurance cover teeth whitening with Belmont Dental Associates?

A: Unfortunately, most insurance policies do not cover cosmetic services like teeth whitening. But please talk with a member of our front desk team at your next visit as we would be happy to help you get the answer directly from your specific provider!


Q: Will I need to schedule follow-up appointments to check in after my professional whitening treatment?

A: With in-office treatment, a member of our team will have supervised the process so that you are able to eliminate most pain or discomfort that can be experienced with whitening strips as they irritate your gums. If we provide you with take-home whitening treatment, we may want to check in on your gums after a week or two of treatment to ensure we are avoiding irritation with that method, as well.


Q: How often will I need to come back in for whitening touch-ups?

A: Unfortunately, not even professional whitening is permanent. However, it will last longer than over the counter treatments you may find at your local convenience stores. With our professional whitening treatment and proper oral healthcare, you can expect your smile to keep shining for a year or more without touch-ups, whereas with whitening strips you may have to repurchase every few months to maintain the results you desire.


Q: How can I maintain whiter teeth for a longer period of time?

A: Staying up to date with your oral health through regular brushing and flossing, as well as visits with our Belmont, NC dentists, can help prevent stains from recurring too quickly. For more detailed tips and tricks on maintaining your newly brightened smile, check this out.


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