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Why Hydrogen Peroxide Is Mostly Safe On Your Teeth

Teeth whitening is commonly offered by dentists. When making the decision to participate in such a treatment, your main goal is to improve the beauty of your smile rather than on improving the overall health of your smile. However, teeth whitening treatments are very safe and there are only a few side effects, depending on the bleaching agent that is used.

The Effects Of Bleach

Bleaching agents that contain peroxide break down into a few ingredients that are inconsequential and hydrogen peroxide, the active bleaching agent. This agent can cause some tooth sensitivity, though this wears off with time after the treatment.

Ill-Fitting Trays

Depending on how the treatment is applied, such as if an ill-fitting tray was used, there may be some gum irritation. There have been some reports that teeth have been damaged through the use of bleaching agents, but this has not verified through empirical studies.

Weak Bleach

The greatest risk, however, is simply that the bleaching agent will not be strong enough. This is especially common with at-home bleaching agents that are limited in their strength. A dentist is able to use stronger bleaching agents because he or she will use methods that protect the gums, tongue and the rest of the mouth from the staining agents.


If bleaching does not work for you, there are other treatment options you can select that will allow you to avoid the side effects of teeth bleaching. A Belmont cosmetic dentist can place veneers on your teeth to provide you with perfect teeth immediately without the need for multiple treatments. Veneers also correct other problems, such as misshapen teeth, to give you the best smile.

Teeth Bleaching Is Usually Safe

The good news is that bleaching agents have a very good safety record overall, especially if you use bleaching agents that are of high quality and if you do not have your teeth bleached excessively. This is why it is important to have your teeth bleached by a dentist rather than performing the procedure yourself.

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