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Dental Cleaning



Dental Cleaning

Sometimes, even proper brushing and flossing are not enough to keep the teeth and gums free of plaque, tartar and pathogens. In such cases, more professional clean ups are needed in order to protect the teeth from further damage caused by these undesirable elements. Dental cleaning is performed by dentists using specialized equipment to make sure that these undesirable elements do not get a chance to harm your teeth. Today we take a look at the different ways dentists perform dental cleaning on their patients.

The most widely used device for dental cleaning is an ultrasonic instrument which uses gentle pulses in order to loosen the tartar from the surface of the tooth and the gums. In order to keep the temperatures under control and to remove the loosened debris, the device also sprays a continuous jet of water. The device also emits a high pitched noise as it uses these sound waves in order to do its function. The ends of the device are rounded and are kept in motion right next to the teeth. There is an option to modify the pulses according to the preferences of the patient. While the device removes smallish particles smoothly, it takes time to remove larger particles due to their size.

After the larger and easy to reach undesirable particles are removed off the teeth and the gums, the dentist would switch to hand tools in order to remove the gunk from nooks and corners where the ultrasonic device could not reach. These fine tools are known as scalers and curettes and are shaped to match the curvature of the teeth. They are fine pointed to allow the dentist to remove tartar and plaque from the gum line and the corners between the teeth and other hard to reach places. After careful prying and removing, the dentist removes the undesirable elements from each tooth.

The last step of the dental cleaning process involves the polishing of the teeth. The polishing procedure is done using a device with a rotating cylinder like structure and whose speed can be adjusted by the flick of a switch. The dentist would also use a special cream in addition to this polishing device to deliver shiny smooth teeth at the end of the process. The dentist may also apply a layer of fluoride on your teeth as a form of protection. The fluoride applied comes in a variety of different flavours to make it a pleasant experience.

Many people have the fear that dental cleaning involves a lot of pain and discomfort, but the reality is dental cleaning is a hassle free and enjoyable process, with many people finding it to be therapeutic. You can also talk to your dentist about your dental fears and they can make the process even easier for you.

Belmont Dental Associates can help you with your dental cleaning procedure as well as other tooth and gum ailments. They work round the clock to ensure the best experience for their patients and specialize in many dental procedures for a one-stop shop for dental and oral treatment.